What is "Whiteness Studies"? Here's a brief introduction.

The most popular item on this site has been my essay Who Invented White People?, published in The Thomson Reader: Conversations in Context, ed. Robert P. Yagelski. Boston: Thomson/Heinle, 2007. 96-102 in 2007. The brief introduction linked above is mainly drawn from this essay.

There's also a Whiteness Studies section on my home page, where you can also find my credentials and copies of some of my other publications.

Teachers should check out the "Learn More" tab on this site.

Activists should check out the organization White Awake and its activities.

For an in-depth account of the emergence of Whiteness Studies, see this fine article by Peter Kolchin. For a recent commentary on "What is Whiteness?" see this article by historian Dr. Nell Irvin Painter.

Painter is also the author of The History of White People, an essential book which explores the complex invention of this socially-constructed identity.

I highly recommend you explore the web site, books and articles, and YouTube videos by anti-racist educator Tim Wise. These contain essential materials for the critical study of whiteness and white privilege.

For related discussions of multiculturalism, see my separate site on that topic, which includes my popular handout "What is Multiculturalism?"

Note: My first internet postings and original web site on whiteness studies took place some fifteen years ago. The explosion of the field makes maintaining a comprehensive site today impossible. Search engines for the web and knowledge databases will yield hundreds of hits across the disciplines and in every media. This site simply presents a few resources that many have found useful.